• Zero sign-on fees, we only charge for the orders we send you.
  • Add value to your business without increasing overhead.
  • We handle 100% of the delivery process in house, your only tasked with making the food.
  • ;Simplify communication with your customers with our easy to use online menus and ordering platform.


We offer a turn-key solution!

We handle every aspect of the delivery process, you’re only left with cooking the food. We advertise to everyone in your area every day. These same people see your logo and menu, which in turn increases your inside sales.

Customers can order online from our website or yours. We have android and iOS apps for customers to order from on the go. Lastly, we provide support and phone ordering from our call/dispatch center.

Our drivers are invested and self-motivated in offering the best service possible. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to the customer.

Let us cover all your service bases and increase your customer visibility in one step.


Step 1: Customer can order up to 5 ways

We offer several ways for customers to order your food;

  • Our mobile friendly website at
  • Online ordering from your pre-existing website with our menu embedded
  • Or from the custom website provided by Lightning Delivery “if you don’t already have a website or like ours better”
  • The Lightning Delivery mobile Android and iOS apps
  • They can even call the order into our dispatch center

Customers have several features of their own; like office ordering, catering service, loyalty program, recreate past orders and many other features. We even provide high-tech features like; order notifications and order tracking, both of which allow the customer to know where their order is at all times. The order tracking feature only works if the restaurant is using our Order Logic app to receive the orders.

The iOS and Android apps are very helpful when placing orders from a smart phone or tablet. Lastly we have a dedicated call center and dispatcher staff on standby to handle all phone orders that come in.

Step 2: We send the order to the restaruant

We offer restaurants several ways to receive orders, the most popular being the Order Logic app. The app is available for free on the iOS and Android market places. The orders are automatically sent to the app with sound notifications. In total, there are tons of features; management can track orders, update menus, upload pictures. The app even arranges items by cook time, putting long cook time items first!

Step 3: The driver picks up the order

We utilize local contractors and existing delivery companies to manage the delivery process itself. Each contract is done so on a progressive pay structure that not only holds the driver accountable, but also encourages growth and personal investment.

Our customers expect hot and fresh food, which is why each driver is furnished with the best food bags in the world. Our bags feature a antibacterial liner that ensures the container stays germ free. The bags are designed to keep the food at the appropriate temperature for up to 45 minutes, even though most orders are delivered in as little as 15 minutes. Lastly the bags manage the amount of moisture in the bag, ensuring food isn’t too dry or soggy.

Step 4: Receive your payment

The picture illustrates how our payment processing works. After two weeks of sales and a 10 day processing period, all the sales (minus our commission) including your sales tax is deposited into your account every two weeks thereafter. With each payment we provide a report of the sales, which makes reconciling your account very easy.

Customers can rest easy, all the drivers use Square to accept credit card payments. Which means we never store any credit card data and its always processed right there on the spot. We even handle the burden of all credit card fees and charges associated with credit card transactions.




Are you paying someone else to build or manage your website? We include a fully featured website with online ordering, maps and more all for free. Check out our Example Restaurant Page to see what your new website will look like.

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Over 50% of our revenue goes back into advertisements that also benefit you!

  • Radio – Mid-West Family Broadcasting
  • Publications – Business Journal, 417 Mag, MSU Paper and Springfield News Leader
  • Social Media – like Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Printed Materials – Flyers, Menus and Coupons


  • Via our Driver Services website, all contractors can register and meet all local, state and federal regulations. This includes background checks, driver motor vehicle reports, and proof of insurance.
  • All drivers meet with their area manager to receive their equipment and to check in and out. This ensures appearances and professionalism are always being met and enforced.
  • We also supervise and supply reports that show the efficiency of the drivers operationally like drive times.


  • Receive the latest restaurant news and updates
  • Access to our iOS and android restaurant apps
  • Manage your information and account details
  • Customer Support – We provide on-demand service for both you and your customers


Lightning Delivery has been great for my business! We do about $20,000 a month in delivery sales, those are sells we won’t otherwise have. We have been partnered for 6 years now, sales have grown over the years.

Mei Dong

Owner, Happy China

I was skeptical that fine dining and delivery was a good idea. Lightning Delivery has proven themselves and has delivered on every level, no pun intended. Customers tell me everyday that they either like my delivery service or that they heard of my restaurant because of Lightning Delivery.

Tony Garcia

Owner, Avanzare